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Analysis of Advertisement January 28, 2011

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This advertisement it promising that you can have a fast download for 10 million songs each day. This ad is targeted to mostly teenagers because they usually have ipods and mp3 players. The visual is of a women listening to her music that she downloaded and enjoying it. They are trying to convince you that you won’t regret downloading songs off of their company. I would not accept because it does not have enough proof that this can actually work or that we can trust them.


Analyzing an Advertisement – Stephanie Conroy January 27, 2011

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The promise this advertisement is making is saying that this is one of the best gifts and the person getting it will love it.  there is a picture of  bunch of people, and usually when there is a lot of people there is something fun going on. The words FREE BUFFET DINNER catches my eye as everyone loves a free meal. The target audience is the kamaaina people as the discount only applies to them. The image of the people holding fire is a good image as not everyone can hold fire and it looks exotic. I would choose to accept this as it is a $60 value for only $25.


analysis of advertisements

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  • promise: eat special foods and lose weight.
  • persuasive or emotional words: burning, plague
  • Determine the target audience: women
  • visual image: the woman makes the ad appealing because she is showing how skinny she.
  • i would reject this ad because it doesnt prove anything and also, there are no facts that are certified by anyone with authenticity.

Mallory – Hair

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The promises that this advertisement makes are that if we use our fur that animals will get to keep theirs. They dont use any techniques. The words they use that are persuasive are your fur and let animals keep theirs. The target of audience is our generation because they use someone who is oung and known. They use a well known singer that is holding a mustache and bold colors. I would except because this is something that we dont have to work at really.


Rina -ad!:)

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this ad’ promise is to help losing weight and also giving vitamins.

ad uses the picture of fruits which is very healthy, and measurer so it emphasizes that this supplement is for diet and very healthy for the body.

the persuasive word is definitely DEIT, HEALTH, CHANGING BODY IN HEALTH WAY and so on!

Tt targets on the over-weight people or people who cares about their  health.

They used this picture to present this supplement because it very obvious what they want to tell us.

and I’ll accept this promise because I do use supplement often for my health too.  I like that they didn’t say  “you CAN lose weight”,and  they used the term of HELP. I think this has reliability!


Analyzing an Advertisement – Julienne Lestino January 25, 2011

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This advertisement offers electronics for 90% off. It shows that an Apple iPad is for $43 from them rather than the company price at $499. It gives a statistic that consumers all over the nation have purchased their products through Penny Auctions and are getting a 90% discount from it. This advertisement targets anyone on the Internet because it says it offers any electronics such as the MacBook and PS3 in the picture above at a discounted price. This image shows the price for the iPad in a bold color next to picture of it which may catch the eye of many. I would reject this offer because it seems more like a scam and I have never heard of Penny Auctions until I saw this advertisement.


Analyzing an Advertisement – J L January 24, 2011

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The promise this advertisement is trying to make is that donating money to their organization will help save animals. To support their promise, there is a slogan under the organization’s name, which says “We Are Their Voice.” They try to persuade people to donate money by using the word “distress” to describe the animal’s situation and emphasize the words “60 cents A DAY,” which makes it seem like a small amount of money.

Their target audience is people who love animals, or simply do not want people abusing them. They use the image of a dog that looks sad, which makes the ad more appealing to their cause because it makes it look like the animal is in pain and it makes you want to help. The advertisement does make me want to help their cause because from the advertisement alone, it seems like they mean well. No good person would want an animal to be abused.