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editorial:) April 6, 2011

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An earthquake disaster and dispatch to the global community world are insufficient

Is neither government nor Tokyo Electric too insensitive to eyes from the world applied to a nuclear plant accident? When it releases contaminated water including the low-concentrated radioactive material from Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant in the sea, as well as a person concerned with local government and fishery, it is a diplomatic blunder to have invited repulsion without giving a polite explanation in advance in the neighboring countries. The Naoto Kan government should recognize what this nuclear plant accident may affect on a global scale across one country of Japan and that world many countries share an interest with concern same as Japan some other time.

For release of the contaminated water, the Korean diplomatic Department of Trade expressed the dissatisfaction that was strong when there was not “a prior report”. A voice in dread of danger ranging from the Kremlin to fish comes out. It is natural to have told, “sincere, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano must take the indication that detailed explanation was necessary at a press conference of 6th beforehand”.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which Japan signs charges the contracting party with general duty to prevent marine pollution and demands it to minimize the release from the outbreak source in the land of a toxic or harmful material. I told, Minister of Foreign Affairs Takeaki Matsumoto “was not the thing which became the problem concerning duty in the international law promptly”, and the reporting showed the opinion with the thing by a voluntary judgment to the last. The interpretation of the international law may be so. But will not this be the minimum duty of the country which has given big uneasiness by a nuclear plant accident in the world, a problem of the good sense not duty so and so written to the paper?


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  1. molyneux111 Says:

    Rina, re-post your edited article, so I can comment on it please.

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