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Editorial:Makeup at the Beach?? April 6, 2011

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Caption: Teenage, above picture, is posing at the beach wearing a minimum amount of makeup but is still looks amazing!

You are probably wondering why would you wear makeup to the beach? But what people don’t know is that it is possible to wear makeup. When you think of makeup you probably think of lip stick and eye shadow. That’s not what I mean. I mean makeup that can actually protects your skin and enhances your beauty at the same time. Summer is coming up and it is time to go the beach looking amazing!

I actually interviewed average people on their thoughts of wearing  makeup at the beach. Emily Ko, a student at Sacred Hearts Academy replied, “I don’t like to wear makeup at the beach because there is no purpose.” I also asked my sister, Nicole Banda on her thoughts of wearing makeup to the beach. She replied, “It’s stupid because what’s the point.”

First of all, sunscreen is self-explanatory but another option is using a tinted moisturizer. It is recommended to use tinted moisturizers with an SPF factor above 15 if necessary. I recommend Bobbie Brown Tinted Moisturizer. Foundation is a product that should be put aside for the beach. If you go into the water, it will become blotchy and eventually come off. Foundation is basically a shield for your face and you are not able to get any sun on your face. You will end up with a white face and a tan body.

If you were to go into the water, the products you have on your face will obviously come off. But if you were not to go into the water, this is something that could be on your list. Bronzer will give a great effect of being tanner and having a slimmer face. I recommend Rimmel Sun Shimmer because it comes in several shades. I have a personal trick to share with everyone of applying mascara. Using clear mascara is the best option. It will make eyelashes fuller and have volume. During the day, you won’t end up with “raccoon eyes”.  Lastly, a touch of gloss always makes a difference!


One Response to “Editorial:Makeup at the Beach??”

  1. molyneux111 Says:


    You have some great tips & suggestions. A few suggestions:

    The caption wording is grammatically incorrect.

    Try to use a consistent voice & do not to use the second person noun (“YOU are probably wondering why would you wear makeup to the beach? But what people don’t know is that it is possible to wear makeup.” – In these two sentences, you switched from second person to third person – How about just shortening first paragraph to something like:
    “Why wear makeup at the beach? By choosing the right beauty products, it is possible to protect skin while simultaneously enhancing beauty.”

    Also, it doesn’t seem like your sources are even convinced they should want to enhance their beauty at the beach…Are these the quotes you want to include? You probably want to convince them and your readers that we should want want to wear make-up there (How will this enhance my beauty? Who do I want to look better for?)…Last, see if you can cut unnecessary sentences & combine short or stodgy ones (see example above). Keep going!

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