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editorial ^ Global stewardship April 7, 2011

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UN representative vote to send aid to Libya

The global community finally promised to help civil-war-torn Libya. By attacking Qaddafi foces via an aerial bombardment over the weekend, UN forces pressured the Libyan government to halt attacks on its citizens.  The genocide of Libyan dissidents in Benghazi has been evaded, for now.  But we as global citizens need to do more for our neighbors in trouble.

For the next several days, the multinational force must continue to attack the military infrastructure of Colonel Qaddafi. They can no longer negotiate with a dictator that murders his citizens in cold-blood.

Although this situation is getting better, we should keep striving to improve the conditions in Libya. The multinational force must pay attention to extent of the permissions they received from the United Nations. We need to help the Libyan people while causing a minimum of collateral damage.

in addition to military aid, the people of Libya could also use medical emergency supplies. The Red Cross is heading up a blood drive and accepting donations of blanket, clothes, money, and non-perishable food.

Non-profit agencies from the around the world are also helping the cause. get involved at your local level. Donate today. with all of us chipping in, we hope the people in Libya will soon be free from this terrible situation.


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