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Culture and World-Culture of the Academy by S S, Editing by J L April 7, 2011

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The Cultural Diversity of the Academy

Every year the Academy is blessed to have large amounts of diverse girls wanting to work on their education at said school. With  every new and returning girl, the diversity of the academy begins to flourish. As the school year starts its fourth quarter, it is high time for incoming students to apply themselves.

Students are taught to act and interact with the different cultures and learn languages, sometimes even the history of  some, for a deeper understanding of the ethnic backgrounds of which they have become. Classes that have come available are courses as the  Hawaiian History and Asian Studies for sophomores, and World Religions for Seniors.

A recent interview follows with a student in the Asian Studies class, Sakura Urie;

S. Sabado: What does Asian Studies offer?

Sakura U.: It’s mostly about China, but interesting aspects about it. It’s history, economy, culture, and anything else you could fit into a semester of learning.

S. Sabado: Has it taught you about cultural differences by being in this class?

Sakura. U: No because I am Chinese.

The picture listed above is of a recent event that was held February 28- March 4. This was the first World Language Week that was held at the Academy. This memorable event was organized to promote global awareness and to show the importances of foreign languages for the community of the school. Multi-cultural activities were held throughout the week and broadened the understandings and knowledge of the students it caters to.

Not only has the student body branched to outer- island schools, but they have gone to other states and countries as well. Students that drop in during the year from time to time are often have a military background or are Cultural Exchange/Study Abroad students. The exchange programs have a way of balancing out the different ethnicities of the students. These students are what also make the cultural diversity of the Academy.


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