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Men and Cars – Gender Roles February 24, 2011

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In this commercial it starts off showing different kinds of men that are standing there in their normal environment while a narrator is talking and saying what they are thinking. An example is when he says, “I will put down the seat,” or “I will carry your lip bom.” It is mainly directing these things that men must do for their girlfriends or wives. Then at the end of the commercial it shows a car driving through a wide open space and the man narrating says “because I do these things I will drive the car I want to drive.” Then the words come up saying, “Man’s last stand.” Which can only mean that this car is the only stand that men have from being free and staying a man. The product being sold in this ad is this type of car. The Dodge Charger. The target for this ad is men. The car can be sold to anyone but the beginning action showed and stated that it was for men. The obvious statement in this message is that men are literally told what to do and that they should do something they want to do for a change that makes them feel like a man. That a car is the only way that they can get away from being told what to do. This ad is appealing physically and have a behavioral effect to men. Being proud and looking good in a nice new car appeals to men. A car in general shows that men are manly and masculine. This commercial relates to them because they want to be manly since they’re being told what to do and this ad is stating that this car is their last stand as a man. Which also brings freedom in that type of behavior that they want. A car shows that they are in control and free to do whatever whenever. Also a man likes to look good physically with a nice new car. To show off to friends to make them look tough when their girlfriend is telling them what to do. I actually agree with this message because I do believe that men feel like they are tied down by women and that their car is mainly their only freedom. But also it somewhat feels negative towards me because the company is manipulating a persons feelings and duties to get them to buy something.


women emphasize the body of beauty! February 23, 2011

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i see a cute thin women with sexy lingerie!

women lingerie and underwear is sold in this ad

the target is absolutely women (youngwomen or teens)

i agree with this ad because i do have some lingerie from victorias secret and these are super cute!

underlying message: this is obvious if you wear these lingerie, you can get more pretty.

i think many women or girls wanna be like a model of victorias secret because they all have perfect bodies.

i think this could be positive and negative because their lingeries are very cute but not all girl wont be like them even though they wear underwears from the victorias secret.


Cigarettes & Men -StephanieConroy February 22, 2011

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The ad shown is a cigarette ad, it shows a man on his motorcycle smoking a cigarette, and it says the company name, Camel, and the words “Where a man belongs.”  The particular product being sold is a box of cigarette. The target audience is everyone older than 18, mostly for middle-aged men, who still think they are cool. I disagree with this ad because cigarettes can cause cancer and cancer is not a good thing that someone would want, and smoking causes many other problems also, such as gum disease. I think the underlying message is that smoking cigarettes make you cool, and that is what real men do. It is clearly stated that men should smoke cigarettes, and it is a obvious message. This ad is mainly for men as it shows a man on a motorcycle, not a woman and there is no appeal to this ad for women.  I think this a negative portrayal of men as it is trying to get men to smoke and smoking is a big turn off to me in a man.


Gender Roles

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In this advertisement, it is displayed as simply as possible. With its plain gray background and simple text, this advertisement clearly states how easy it is to acquire car insurance. This specific product that is being sold is car insurance and claims that you could save hundreds on car insurance because it is, “So easy a caveman can do it.” The demographic of this ad ranges and has no restrictions, but definitely targets the attention of those people who own cars. The psychographic of this ad makes the consumer feel that they don’t need to hassle over finding car insurance because this company makes it easy and care-free. By making the ad seem simple and not to busy and loud, it won’t stress out the buyer into second guessing the product. I, specifically, do not agree with this message because it only states how easy it is to get insurance. There is not background, stated facts or anything that proves that this product is worth buying or that would buy into my interests. The underlying message that is being sold by this ad is it doesn’t take a lot to recieve insurance once it is broken down in simplest terms and sold to you made easy. This ad gives off a negative portrayal of the gender because it pictures a Neanderthal, the first generation of humans, almost saying that almost anyone could get this product and you don’t have to be that smart to do it.


Females and Jewelry – CJ Valle February 17, 2011

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This ad focuses on a flawless, almost pure-like, woman cloaked in white to advertise Tiffany jewelry. The slogan is, “Blue is the Color of Dreams”. In contrast to a bright white background, the model has fair skin and dark hair to make her face stand out and her blue eyes and blue jewelry have such a strong contrast to the other colors, that it just pops out.

The product being sold is Tiffany & Co. jewelry. The target audience would mainly be adult women, probably someone of a slightly upper class. Also, the target audience would be women who prefer more of a sophisticated and classy style of jewelry, as opposed to fun vibrant teen-like jewelry. It also targets women who are dreamers and determined  in their work because, “blue is the color of dreams“.

The subliminal message being communicated is that by wearing Tiffany jewelry, it will create a look of sophistication and make a woman look wealthy and high class. It also implies that this specific jewelry will emphasize certain features making it appear more beautiful and flawless. The message also implies that this jewelry will somehow be as satisfying as reaching one’s dreams. I agree, to an extent, with this ad because I feel that Tiffany jewelry is very simplistic yet very classy and sophisticated. I do not agree with the ad’s slogan, claiming that this jewelry will be a dream come true.

The aspects of human sexuality being portrayed in this ad is seen through the model. Her facial features are very flawless and her bone structure is considered “perfect” and “ideal”. I feel this ad is more positive in relation to other ads that use women as models. This model is poised and is not posing provocatively or using the “sex factor”. Her flawlessness may be unrealistic, but at least she is not half naked or using sex to sell the product. Her presentation is very classy.


Females and Alcohol

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This is a image of a girl who is into guys who supposedly drinks CoorsLight. What I see is a breathless girl and a Cup of CoorsLight and a bunch of other types of alcohol drinks. The particular product being advertised is CoorsLight. The Target Audience of this Advertisement is anyone who drinks alcohol men especially who like women. No I don’t agree this is a degrading type of advertisement its advertising women in a degrading way by saying that the overall physical appearance of women is “cool”. The underlying message is drink CoorsLight and you can have woman like this. This message is obvious because the caption is “Who says there’s nothing cool on TV?”. The only appealing thing is the women this appeals to men. This is a NEGATIVE portrayal of the female gender. This advertisement makes it like all women are into men who drink CoorsLight.


Gender Roles – Leimomi H.

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In this particular ad, there is a man looking as if he is living the time of his life, carefree, while driving his red convertible. The product being sold is car insurance. The target audience would be adults, particularly older men who seem to be weighed down with life’s demands, such as taking care of their children or working their mediocre job. Also, this would be targeting people who enjoy that sense of exhilaration and the feeling of freedom. In some ways, I do agree with this ad. Sometimes it is okay for people to let loose and enjoy life in the moment. On the other hand, I feel as if people are obligated to their priorities first, fun later. I think the obvious message is to buy car this particular car insurance and you can have more fun in life.

I think the aspects of human sexuality that are being appealed to are the fact that he looks like an average male who does not seem to have a care in the world at the moment. I think they were trying to emphasize the idea of fun and easy without trying to be sexy. That is why the decided to use a man rather than a woman.

This could be seen as a negative portrayal of men. It could portray men as being irresponsible and a little too careless.