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The iPhone 56 is Finally Here! – Jamey Muraoka (Entertainment) April 6, 2011

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The new iPhone 5G that came out on March 21, 2011 (top).

On April 1 of the year 2011, Apple released there latest and greatest invention, the iPhone 5G! Since about March 21, people have been camping outside Apple stores in order to be the first ones to get the newest phone. I talk to the first person in line, Mike Johnson, asking him why he decided to camp out in order to get his phone, he responded “I love Apple and Mac products and I am always up-to-date with the newest phone for them as well. I just need their products. Plus, I heard that the new iPhone is going to weigh about .03 pounds so it will be better and smaller.”

In order to get in on the latest craze, you have to wait in a line that wraps all around Ala Moana. When doors opened on the 1st, things got really crazy. Manager of the Ala Moana Apple Store, Amy Kart, tells us, “This is by far the busiest we’ve ever been for selling any Apple product.”

You may ask yourself, “all this just for a phone?” Well the iPhone 5G isn’t just a phone, it’s also a computer as well.  With an 85% of no dropped calls, a wide range of applications and music and you can even video with people who also have it, and much more. Many people want it because the phone is also going to be so light and its easier for them to carry, others want it just because its the new best thing. The iPhone 5G is estimated to be sold out everywhere for more than 5 months once Apple sells their initial batch. If you’re too far back in the line you might not be able to get your new phone. So you better hurry and get in line!


Academics – Students Unfit for the Survival of the Fittest? – Leimomi Hookano

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Are students prepared for independent living without the aid of a home economics course?

With education systems aiming toward the betterment of fundamental learning, students are paying at a life-altering price. While learning about literature and studying theories, students are lacking in general knowledge pertaining to the household.

Home Economics, or Home Ec., was a popular and mandatory course in every school. Today, Home Ec. is a foreign subject.  Schools barely offer the course, deciding to focus on the core curriculum: Math, English, and Science instead. However, the lack of a life-skills class has crippled modern students’ abilities around the household.

A recent study demonstrated that 80% of students do not know how to properly sew, and 75% do not do their own laundry or know how to cook. 90% of students rely on their parents to manage the cooking, financing, and cleaning. These life skills should be among the core curriculum. A student can be educated by renowned professors and never know how to manage a household without their parents. High schools put more and more students through to college, and only a small percentage will know how to live on their own.

When asked about their thoughts on home economics, a high school student responded, “I would love to have a Home Economics class. I think it’d be a fun class and I’d be able to learn stuff that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I’m going away for college, and I know that I need to learn how to cook, clean up after myself, and manage my money” (anonymous).

If home economics resurfaced into school curriculums, high school students would not have to worry about not knowing how to take care of themselves. Home Ec. teaches a lifestyle. It is essential to the maturation of teens and young adults. The incorporation of home economics into school curriculums, will help create more independent and self-disciplined individuals.


Academics – Sacred Hearts Academy Steps It Up! – CJ Valle

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"Sacred Hearts Academy students calculate their stocks in economics class." Photograph taken by Ken Sakamoto.

Sacred Hearts Academy is taking a huge step in improving their educational experience by adding new advanced placement classes to the curriculum. Students seem to be highly pleased with the pending educational enlightenments and look forward to signing up for courses in A.P. Psychology and A.P. Chemistry.

11th grader Summer Urie says, “It’s a good start. I like that I now have more classes to choose from. I’ll probably sign up for one of the new A.P. classes simply because the opportunity presents itself. I’ve been here for three years and I like the fact that the school is trying to expand their curriculum.”

SHA student, 11th grader, Kendra Lewis states, “I like these new courses because it gives me the opportunity to boost my G.P.A. and also gives me college credits.” These new classes also mean new teachers, and to some students, it is an exciting factor in this situation.

“I think it’s good to be taught by different teachers. It’s fresh and new,” says 10th grader Sally Johansen.

In addition to these new courses, Sacred Hearts Academy will be collaborating with its brother school, St. Louis School. Some argue that having boys in the same classroom may come as a distraction, but to most girls this experience will be a good thing. 10th grader Yolanda Montgomery states, “I like the thought of these co-ed classes because they not only offer these new courses, but also new competition.”

Due to the partnership with St. Louis, Sacred Hearts Academy must start a week and half earlier than normal. 11th grader Wendy Wong states, “It’s the only thing that I don’t like about these new classes. It’s ending my summer break earlier than expected and I would like to preserve summer as long as I possibly can.” Students might not appreciate the new change, but some parents certainly do. One parent comments, “I definitely approve of these new classes. It’ll give my daughter more opportunities once she hits college.”

In general, this new partnership with St. Louis School will allow students to branch out of their shells and to expose themselves to new opportunities. Not only will these new programs academically challenge students, but it will help broaden their social interaction now that classes will include boys. With this new addition, Sacred Hearts Academy’s renowned reputation will strengthen as a school of academics.


Mexican Invasion! (Culture) edited by Shannontaylor Sabado

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There has a been a 33 % increase in Hispanic people moving to Oahu. Many of these new neighbors have opened up Mexican restaurants so I paired up with famous Spanish Chef Ana Garcia to try out some of these foods.

Ms. Garcia and I had a quick  Question and Answer Session before we embarked on our wonderful journey.

Me: What is your favorite type of Mexican Food?

Ms.Garcia: Well I love all of the Mexican Dishes but Taco Salad and Chips and Salsa is most definitely my favorite.

Me: Where did you get your inspiration to purse this career?

Ms. Garcia: Well my mother always cooked and told me to do what I loved the most and at the age of 14 I was already cooking for everyone in my family. So I decided that this was something I would seriously pursue and applied for Miami Culinary School to learn about the different types of cooking.

Me: Why do enjoy cooking?

Ms. Garcia: I enjoy watching people smiling and enjoying all the foods that I prepared I especially love when someone comes to my restaurant to celebrate a party or anything.

After our quick Q&A Sessions we departed for our first Mexican Restaurant El Mariachi. When we arrived Ms. Garcia immediately started to speak her native language of Spanish with the Chefs. The chef’s made us a sampler of all their dishes they are known for.

Then after profusely thanking the chef’s for such a wonderful meal we departed with Chips and Salsa to go and went to our next restaurant El Taco. Like its name El Taco had delicious Taco’s the spin on it was how you get to make your own Taco. Thankfully Ms. Garcia made our Taco’s which were Chicken Tacos with avocado it is one of her many types of Taco’s she had created during her college years.

Our final stop of the way was a Mexican Drive Through called MexDriveInn. They are known for the ample of amounts given for a cheap price. The only downsize of the restaurant which is located on a busy avenue and limited parking is available. Ms. Garcia recommended that I sample the Nachos and Burrito Plate both were very delicious and satisfying.

I thanked Ms. Garcia profusely for her time and helping me discover all of these wonderful foods. El Mariachi is located near Windward Mall and is open from 12:00 AM- 10:00 PM Daily. El Taco is located near Pearlridge and is open from 11:00 AM-9:00 PM Daily. MexDriveIn is located on King Street near Hawaii State Capital and is open from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM Daily.


Editorial: Summer Styles Are IN!

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Teenager, pictured above, sporting crop top, high-waisted shorts, and fedora, clothes for the summer that are most certainly in.

Summer is approaching and everyone is getting ready for the season by purchasing products such as crop tops, high-waisted shorts and bathing suits. All clothing stores are stocking up with these styles to be ready for the girls that are ready to buy. With summer comes shorter, laid-back clothes. Although these days, this type of clothing seems to be in year-long.

Expert stylist Kelli Ann Omatsu comments, “They’re so cute. They go with anything, and they give off a care-free look to your outfit. They’re so adorable and easy to find at any store.”

All of these are so easy to put together. It literally takes a matter of seconds to find a perfect outfit, because it’s supposed to be laid back. Also, because crop tops are so simple, you just slap on a pair of jeans or leggings and you’re ready to go! Also, crop tops are a style that mostly everyone matches as well. You can even have a slight breeze going and even though this style is laid back and simple, it also gives you that bold and daring look because your mid-rift is showing. A great fashion statement if you’re looking to have get an “edge” to your look.

New bathing suit styles are creating another cute trend. Bathing suits are a MUST during summer, especially in Hawaii. There is such a big selection of styles for bathing suits that it can really match anyone’s taste. There are also so many different styles to match different body types, so really, it’s made for anyone and everyone! These days, many teen girls are buying single suits and mixing and matching colors, so everyone is really adding a personal touch to their swimsuits and they’re really making it to however they want it. There is also a new style where you wear your bathing suit different ways. So many different styles of so many different summer items to look out for!


Black Magic in Indonesia? World and Culture edited by ANJELICA.

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Corpse walking

Recently, there has been a photograph circulating around the internet about a ritual in Indonesia in which a woman with decayed skin, boney arms and a sunken face standing up, as if she is travelling somewhere. There is a woman behind her holding some sort of herb. Viewers from the internet believe that the woman is a corpse brought back to life using black magic. The story behind it is that the people of Toraja, a village in Indonesia, reanimate recently dead human beings and have them walk to their graves.

The “source” itself reads:

“Only in Indonesia (especially Toraja), a corpse is usually being
carried up to the grave, but in Toraja, the corpse is woken up letting it
walk to its grave (is rarely performed anymore)

The corpse is woken up using black magic. This is done because in Toraja
the graves/cemetries is placed above limestones mountains.

The corpse walks by itself, and its guided by an expert in black magic behind it.
But there is one prohibition, the corpse should not be pointed at,
or else the corpse falls down and is not able to walk again.”

One spectator has said, “Off-hand, I would say that is a mummy, not a corpse. There are many cultures that “parade” mummies of their ancestors. Granted the mummies don’t actually walk, but they are certainly dressed up and carried about.”

Another question, “If the gravesite is so difficult to get to, is a reanimated corpse going to be able to make it? They are not generally regarded as being very coordinated.”

It is difficult to say whether or not this story is true. There is no reliable source from which the story originally came from. The land of Indonesia is predominately Christian, but Toraja is an indigenous mountain society. If one were to search for information about Toraja, nothing about the reanimated corpses is evident.

Who took the picture? Where did the story come from? Why had this not been documented before? One could guess the ‘corpse’ character’s ghoulish appearance was created through the use of makeup or image editing. The credibility of this story will be forever debatable until proven otherwise.


Newspaper Article April 4, 2011

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Today in class, you were divided into writers for one of five newspaper sections.  Now, it is your job to create a news story for our class paper, pertaining to your topic.  This may be made up or factual, but must pertain to the section of the paper you were assigned.  Write a late-breaking article that uses the following:


at least one image (and caption)

at least 300 words of content. (use normal English paper format – thesis in first paragragh, supporting details & background in later paragraphs.

Include expert testimony, interviews, or sources of some kind (could be made up).

We will edit these next class.